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Cara O'H
Happy Canada day to all! Thank you to all front line and essential workers.
Happy Canada Day, Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill resident
Happy Canada Day!
Have a safe and happy Canada Day everyone!!
A great big thank you to all health care and essential workers. To all lets keep practicing social distancing and using masks. Happy Canada Day to all.
Happy Canada's Day Everyone!
Happy Canada Day Richmond Hill!
Happy Canada Day!
Happy Canada Day to everyone! It is such a wonderful day. No matter what you do, walking, biking, BBQ... etc, have a safe celebration!
Happy Canada Day to all!
Maya Katz
Thank you to all of the frontline workers who are helping to keep us safe and get through these difficult and uncertain times!
Have an amazing Canada Day everyone! Stay safe and good luck to all. It's a sunny day today, so stop playing Fortnite at home and go outside to enjoy the weather! Remember to always keep in mind of social distancing and wear a face mask while in public indoor areas. Have a wonderful day everyone!
Richmond hill resident
Happy Canada day everyone! Thank you to all front line workers!! Let's all stay safe and beat this COVID19 virus!