Residential Property Tax Calculator

This property tax calculator is intended to be used by residential property owners to obtain an estimate of their property taxes by year. This tool is not designed for use with multi-residential, farm, forest or business properties. Tax information for these property types can be obtained by contacting Richmond Hill directly at the number below.

Current year tax rates will be available in May of each year.

Please enter the assessed value of your residential property (printed on your assessment notice) and select the tax year the assessment notice applies to:

(Please do not include commas, i.e. type 411500 not $411,500)

If you cannot find your assessment notice, property owners can visit and select the Property Owners option at the top menu bar, then click on AboutMyPropertyTM or call Access Richmond Hill at 905-771-8949.


This property tax calculator is intended for approximation purposes only. This calculation does not include any special charges such as Local Improvements and does not take into consideration any part year assessment changes such as supplementary assessment or assessment appeals. Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, but for final calculations please consult your property tax bill or contact Access Richmond Hill at (905) 771-8949 or by e-mail at